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Classic Disney Street Food

Atmosphere: Disney Street Food is a classic novelty. Going to a street cart is a special experience at Disney that brings back memories of childhood! Street carts selling delicious food really add to the ambiance of the parks and Disney wouldn’t be the same without them. Sometimes the food items are sold in really cute reusable containers (like popcorn!) and you’ll really want to get your hands on them. Disney makes character shaped tubs, and they sell out quickly.

Food: There are SO many options for snacks, but some of the most common foods you’ll find are Mickey ice cream bars, popcorn, churros, Mickey pretzels and turkey legs. A lot of these foods are pretty filling so if you wanted to grab a late breakfast and then just eat a snack to tide yourself over until dinner, you could!

Here at Griffin Guide, we LOVE Mickey ice cream bars and sandwiches, they are a can’t miss street food! They’re a perfect way to cool off in that hot Florida sun, and delicious too.

Griffin Guide Tips:

  • If your kids (or you) drop your food, don’t panic! Most of the time, if you take the packaging back up to the cast member and explain NICELY what happened, they will be more than happy to replace your item free of charge.
  • If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, be on the lookout for the more expensive street foods that count as “snack” credits. You may be tempted to use your snack credit for a bottle of water, but cups of water are available for free in any quick service location! Instead, be on the lookout for something that costs five dollars or more.


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