DAK Ride Reviews

Avatar Flight of Passage

Griffin Guide Rating: 5/5 Stars

Scary Scale: 3/5

Fast Pass: DEFINITELY Recommended, however if you can’t get one, the ride is worth the wait!

Background: This ride is in the middle of Pandora, the fictional land from James Cameron’s movie Avatar. In the movie, the Na’vi people ride these things called Banshees, which are winged creatures that fly. On this ride, you get your very own “Avatar” that you are linked with and hop onto a Banshee. While you’re waiting (likely for a long time) take a look at the queue. The imagineers really outdid themselves here, and created an intriguing and engaging queue space.

Ride Description: The ride starts out when you enter the first “chamber”. There are 16 numbered circles on the ground. Everyone stands on a circle and watches a short introductory video. Once the video is over, a door opens up and you are taken into yet another room where you watch a safety instruction video. It is important to pay attention, this is where they’ll show you how to get on the unusual ride seat and where to put your things. Finally, right before you enter the actual ride, you are given 3D glasses. Don’t put these on until you are seated for safety reasons. Once you are into the ride chamber you will be instructed to sit down on something that looks like a stationary bicycle. You straddle the “Banshee” and put your glasses on. The ride uses your DNA to match you up with your very own Avatar! Once you’ve got your Avatar, you’re off! The actual seat does not move from its stationary position in the room, but does use special effects like wind and visuals to make you feel like you’re flying! You are taken through the amazing world of Pandora and are delighted to see, smell, and feel many many things. After the ride you’ll exit down some stairs and into a really neat gift shop!

Griffin Guide Tips:

  • If you can’t get a fast pass but don’t want to wait in a super huge line, show up about 30 minutes before park open. As soon as they open the park speed walk over to Pandora. We’ve done this a few times and had to wait about 30 minutes…not bad!
  • Pay attention to your seat, or banshee, while it’s flying it feels like the banshee is breathing!
  • This is really the coolest ride at Disney World. This is a MUST ride if you are at Animal Kingdom.
  • If you have anyone who is too scared to ride, this REALLY is the ride to try extra hard to have them ride. Any tactics you can think of to get them on this ride, do it! We had someone scared of riding too and as soon as the ride started they were so excited about it.

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