Epcot Ride Reviews

Living with the Land

Griffin Guide Rating: 5/5

Scary Scale: 1/5

Fast Pass: Recommended only during peak season

Park: Epcot

Land: Future World

Background: Living with the Land features raft style boats. It was called “Listen to the Land” when it originally opened in 1982 and was sponsored by Kraft. Today it is sponsored by Chiquita Brands International.

Ride Description: Living with the Land begins by journeying through a forest during a Thunderstorm, which may startle some, but swiftly moves along telling the story of how man has always had a relationship with the land to use. We then journey into the “Living Laboratory” which is actually a set of greenhouses showcasing different methods of growing food. This ride is a really cool behind the scenes look at Disney’s greenhouses. They use many of the crops in their own restaurants! Living with the Land is both entertaining and educational. This ride is a Griffin Guide favorite for getting out of the weather and taking a break.

Griffin Guide Tips:

  • Be on the lookout for Hidden Mickey’s, there are several along the ride, see if you can spot one in one of the pictures
  • Interesting Fact: The Land has a Guinness World Record for a “tomato tree” that produced over 32,000 tomatoes in a 16 month period!

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