MK Ride Reviews

Space Mountain

Griffin Guide Rating: 5/5
Scary Scale: 5/5
Fast Pass: Recommended during the busiest parts of the day (11:00 AM-7:00 PM).
Park: Magic Kingdom
Land: Tomorrowland
Space Mountain was one of the opening day attractions at Disney World. Most people are familiar with Space Mountain, but what they might not know is that was one of the first indoor roller coaster in the world. It was also the first roller coaster where riders were in total darkness for the length of the ride.
Ride Description: 
When you get in line for Space Mountain, you feel as if you are instantly transported into space. The queue line is a dimly lit hallway, almost as if you were in the international space station! At first when you walk along the queue there are not noticeable details, it’s just an industrial hallway with some lights. Get a little further into the line and you’ll see large screens to your left. These are interactive game screens that allow you to play games with your family and other guests while waiting in line. (Note that these aren’t always turned on, but when the wait times are long they definitely are.) As you near the end on the hallway you’ll either go to the right or left, as you are sorted into which “side” of the mountain you’ll eventually be riding on. People have preferences on which side is better and the Griffin Guide recommends the right! You’ll wait a little bit longer in this last area, which makes it a great time to get out your phone and open the Play Disney Parks app. There is a game with a scavenger hunt of sorts, where you have to find the clues hidden around the waiting area and put them into your phone, it’s very fun! Once you get to the end of the line you’ll be seated in the ride vehicle. The cars fit three people per section, with 6 people total in one car. You sit one in front of the other (so kids can’t sit next to mom and dad if they’re scared) with a bar going across your lap.
After they’ve checked your lap bar, you’re off! You go through a tunnel with bright lights, sort of like the scene in Star Wars where the Millennium Falcon is blasting into hyperspace. You are then pulled up a hill in a room with another ride vehicle (look to the opposite side of where you are, you can wave at the people next to you!) Once you get to the top of the hill you are rocketed through the twists and turns of the ride. It’s in the dark, so it feels VERY fast and can be kind of disorienting. 2 minutes and 30 seconds later, you’re done. You pull into a docking station and get out. Try to get out quickly, so you can run over to the Photo Pass station and see yourself on the ride! 
Griffin Guide Tips: 
  • The camera is located in the first tunnel you go through (with the lights) depending on which way your car turns at the end of the tunnel is the location of the camera. For example, your car makes a sharp right turn at the end of the tunnel. Look up and to the right as you’re turning and smile! Same goes for the left side.
  • If you have a child that is scared of this ride and you are riding with two people who aren’t, the best place for the child would be in the middle seat. The person in the back seat can put their hand on the child’s shoulder and the person in the front can “protect” the car from any “danger”

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