Deluxe Resorts

Contempo Cafe


  • Food: 4/5
  • Atmosphere: 5/5
  • Experience: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5


  • Hotel: Contemporary
  • Closest Park: Magic Kingdom
  • Price Range: $

Link to Menu: Contempo Cafe Lunch Menu

Atmosphere: The atmosphere of the Contempo Cafe is, you guessed it, Contemporary! The look of the whole place is very appealing and definitely tells you what resort you’re in. There is plenty of seating, and once you get your seat, you will be pleased at the sight of a giant mural in the style of “It’s a Small World.” While eating at the Contempo Cafe, the monorail will zoom past from above. A fun game to play with your kids or friends would be to guess what color monorail will come next!

Food: The food here is pretty good and the kids will enjoy most of the kids meals. The American cuisine goes well with the contemporary theming of the hotel. There are plenty of vegetarian options and ton of variety, you could go there and try something new every time! Some highlights of the menu would be the Meat-Lovers Pizza, Hot Turkey Sandwich, and Grilled Shrimp Bowl.

Recommendations: At the time of writing this, mobile ordering is not in the Contempo Cafe so show up with plenty of time to grab a bite and enjoy the atmosphere. The lunch food here is great! If you have a park hopper ticket you can come here on your way out of Magic Kingdom for a quick stop to relax and have some food before heading to your next park. After you’re done eating we recommend exploring the hotel for its unique art and go up to the outer deck for some pictures of the gorgeous view (with Space Mountain in the background!) and quiet time.

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