MK Food Reviews

Casey’s Corner


  • Park: Magic Kingdom

  • Land: Main Street USA


  • Food: 4/5

  • Atmosphere: 4/5

  • Experience: 4/5

  • Overall: 4/5

Price Range: $

Link to Menu: Casey’s Corner Menu

Atmosphere: Casey’s atmosphere is themed with baseball in mind which gives the restaurant a “homey” feel. It can get loud inside from the large number of people ordering and eating, but the amount of noise gives Casey’s an authentic ambiance; like the noise you might find at a baseball game! The décor is reminiscent of the classic americana style. The restaurant pulls off a great 50s look.

Food: The food, though basic, is very good. It is definitely baseball themed in regard to the food, as it is mainly hot dogs of all kinds. There are so many toppings for them! Don’t worry though, hot dogs aren’t the only thing on the menu, they also have corn dog nuggets, fries, brownies, and mac and cheese. They have all the standard Disney drinks, fountain drinks and lemonade, nothing too special. Something else to note is that Casey’s does have some of the cheaper prices for Disney standards.


  • Mobile Ordering is available at Casey’s and I would recommend it because the lines can get long. Sometimes the indoor and outdoor seating is full so you can walk over to the “grassy” patch and sit on the turf (don’t worry about allergies, it’s not real grass!) I would recommend the corn-dog nuggets for a snack or meal. They’re great, especially with a Coke. If you want some classic Americana theming and a good meal, Casey’s might be for you.

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