DAK Ride Reviews

Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

Griffin Guide Rating: 5/5 Stars

Scary Scale: 5/5

Fast Pass: Recommended

Background: First and foremost, Everest will always have a special place in our heart here at Griffin Guide. It is the only roller coaster in Animal Kingdom and a fan favorite! The standby queue is absolutely gorgeous, filled with actual artifacts that the Imagineers collected when they were developing the story and ride. It makes the (usually long) wait much more bearable. As you pass along make sure to be on the lookout for hidden Mickeys and pay attention to all the small details. They put an incredible amount of time into the theming of this ride and it definitely shows.

Review: This ride is an amazing thrill ride. The tracks are smooth and unless you’ve ridden it more than a few times (guilty!) you’ll be surprised at a few elements that you typically don’t see in most roller coasters. This ride is good for thrill seekers and also the adventurous members of your party; the end scene is a smidge scary for the little ones so maybe give them a heads up and tell them to close their eyes or have them watch a YouTube video ride through. Another reason this is near and dear to us is because Robin worked in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom during her time as a cast member and she got to ride this one during work! Everest is Robin’s second favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World. This is a can’t miss ride.

Ride Description: Once you get to the front of the line a cast member will ask you how many are in your party and tell you where to go, be ready because this part goes by quickly. You board the ride and set off into the Mountain. You’re off to the races when suddenly you come to what seems like the end of the tracks…while you’re sitting there look off into the distance and you can see the Epcot Golfball. After a pause that seems like forever, you’re shot backwards into the mountain. Then, you’ll stop and see the shadow of the Yeti near the ceiling. Once the car starts going forward again, SMILE! The ride photo is taken at the exact moment when they plummet you down the biggest drop in the ride. After a few more twists and turns you come face to face with the YETI! Then the ride quickly ends and you exit into the gift shop.

Griffin Guide Tips:

    Lift your feet off of the ground while you are going backwards and again once you’re going down the giant hill…you’ll feel like you’re flying!
    Look for the single rider line on the far right of the ride near the gift shop. You can get in line here and get on the ride MUCH quicker than if you were to wait in the standby line. Keep in mind that you will NOT get to sit next to people in your party, you will sit next to a stranger.

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